Pluzzables by Brainy Games


Place your marker on the left or right end of any middle row.
Race your opponent(s) by either making words or solving math equations.
The first player to reach the opposite end is the winner.

TO MAKE A WORD: You must use any adjacent letter plus one of the 2-letter fragments shown below. Generally, you'll be forming 3-letter words, but it is possible to make even longer words. Call out the word and move your marker to the last candy jar letter used. You can move in any direction to an adjacent letter. The letters must be added to either the beginning or end of the next letter.

TO MAKE A MATH EQUATION: See if the two digits in the adjacent number can be added, subtracted or multiplied to match one of the three numbers shown. Move your marker to the adjacent number if your equation matches the number. Call out the equation for your opponent(s) to verify. You can move in any direction to an adjacent jar.

Once all opponents have moved, tap [Next] for your next challenge.