Pluzzables by Brainy Games

The Pluzzables Collection

Pluzzables are playable puzzles each with a variety of
tactile and online companion games.


Introducing Pluzzables, the innovative series where every puzzle piece brings you closer to a new adventure! Imagine the satisfaction of completing a challenging jigsaw puzzle, only to discover that your accomplishment is just the beginning. With Pluzzables, the fun continues as your assembled masterpiece transforms into an engaging tabletop game for friends and family to enjoy.

Play a variety of games with each puzzle.

Puzzles have varying numbers of pieces to accommodate various difficulty levels. Puzzles are available in both wooden and magnetic formats, 12x18 and 24x18.

Puzzle and Game Cross Reference

Puzzle   Difficulty   Pair Up/
Image Match
  Unique Puzzle Games   Formats
Scavengers Hardest XBrainteaser, Collector, Word Hunters
War Posters Hard XRace & Code Breakers
Travel Posters Moderate XDestinations
Letter Boxes Hard XLetter Box
License Plates Moderate X Road Trip, Plate Collector, Lic Plate Math
Candy JarsModerate XMath & Literacy Games
LibraryModerate Lost for Words Game
Old Hollywood MapModerate XWhat's Missing?
Old Muskoka MapModerate XMuskoka Game
World Wonders 1939Moderate XPuzzler's Quest
Old Alaska MapModerate XWhat's Missing
Cityscape Moderate Build Frame & Deliver
Mazes Moderate Labyrinth, Word Search
Critters Easy XEscape from the Zoo
Framed Words Moderate Frame of Mind
Collages Moderate X Claim to Fame
Landscapes Moderate X Claim to Fame
Art Gallery Moderate XMasterpiece Match, Paint by Numbers
Movie Posters Moderate XMovie Madness
School Critters Easy XCritter Collector
American Airlines Moderate XLost Luggage
Ask Shell 1947 Moderate XClaim to Fame

Magnetic puzzle   Wooden puzzle   Square pieces

Common Web App Games

Claim to Fame   Pair Up   What's Missing?

Try before you buy! Print & Play


Claim to Fame

Compete with your family to play a fast-paced search game with any puzzle. Find matching puzzle pieces and claim them to win.


Play the Claim to Fame game.

The Claim to Fame game can be played with any puzzle that has distinct pieces.

Use a web browser app on your cell phone or your computer to display image fragments.

Players compete to find random images and mark them.

The first person to line up three adjacent images or claim a 2x2 square of four images wins the round.



Candy Jars

Kids assemble a puzzled collage of candy jars then play educational math and literacy games.

The educational games require use of a web app, either on a desktop computer or mobile device. The puzzle's candy jars are each labelled with unique emojis along with letter and number codes. These labels are referenced in a variety of games.

In the Candy Race game, kids place their tokens at the end of a shelf. The app delivers a trio of letters and a trio of numbers. Kids combine and unscramble adjacent letters to form words or form an equation. Tokens are moved as words are formed or equations matched. The first player to fall off the shelf wins.
Play Candy Race

In the Candy Jars game, kids use one device to view sets of emojis and place tokens on their matching jars. Each jar has a letter to combine into a secret word. Unscramble the word to score points. Longer words yield higher points.
Play Candy Jars

Candy Jars Instructions (Coming soon)

Letter Boxes

Assemble a puzzled collage of letter boxes then play a hidden letters game.

Play Letter Box

Find a Letter Box

Play PAIR UP Game

In the Letter Boxes game, use your cell phone to reveal hidden letters. Each letter box has a secret letter, with a different set of words for each game. Print a game image by ID (1-999) - the game image matches the puzzle. Use a web app to match letter boxes and plot their hidden letters onto the puzzle image. Assemble the letters into words and find six hidden 6-letter words.

Letter Box Instructions

War Decoders

With the Vintage War Posters Edition, you become a code breaker, using clues to navaigate the puzzle. Use the content of war posters to decode secret messages. Once your puzzle is assembled, you can play solo, cooperatively or competitively.

Race to Victory

Race to Victory pits players against each other as they follow clues to find a secret poster.

Words to Victory is a secret word deduction game. The web app picks a secret word. Your job is to find it. Use a process of elimination to uncover the word hidden in plain sight. Solo or competitive game play.

Words to Victory


With the Scavengers edition, you must first assemble a brainteaser of a puzzle. The puzzle is composed of 216 pieces with one item per puzzle piece.
Each puzzle piece contains fragments of four-letter words. When two adjacent fragments are combined, they form a four-letter word. One of the words on a puzzle piece will relate to the item shown. The four-letter word will either be the name of the item or its attribute.
For example, a plane has a WI+NG.
All 400+ words must be correctly identified to solve the puzzle.

In addition, once the puzzle has been correctly assembled, you can play a fast-paced collection game or a word game.
Use the Scavenger apps to collect items and claim territory to win or find four-letter words.

Scavengers Instructions

Online Scavenger Games

Play the Collectors game.

Play Word Hunters word game.

Claim to Fame


Scavengers Hints & Solutions

Word Lists
One of the ways to help you solve the puzzle is to see what words are related to the image on each puzzle piece. Click on the row you are having trouble with, to view the words from left to right.

Partial Solutions


With the Destinations edition, traverse a world of vintage travel posters to collect valuable luggage. Use your tickets to fly your plane or thwart an opponent.

Destinations Game Instructions

Play a face-paced game with either puzzle using your cell phone. Grab some markers (like coins) for each player. Use the web app to display posters. Be first to find the poster and mark with their coin. The player with the most markers after several rounds will be the winner.
Play Claim to Fame Game


Road Trip

Build this lasercut wooden puzzle composed of 330 vintage license plates from across Canada and the USA. Also available: 169 piece magnetic puzzle.

Once assembled, your family takes a road trip looking for license plates. Various web apps score your progress while you use your math or matching skills. Play cooperatively or with everyone playing on their own cell phones. Set a time limit. Whoever scores the most points or claims the most plates wins.

Road Trip: Find the difference between the app image and actual puzzle.
ROAD TRIP (Wooden Puzzle)

Plate Collector: Mark matching plates to claim territory.


License Plate Math: Find plates that match math equations.


Yearly Math: Claim plates with years that match math equations.



Play PAIR UP Game (Wooden Puzzle)

American Airlines 1945

Build this lasercut puzzle composed of 150 pieces depicting the 1945 American Airlines route map.

Once assembled, your family play the What's Missing game.

Citywide Delivery

Assemble a town map in any layout you can create. Play a game where your family gets to deliver items to secret locations around your new town.

Over 200 lasercut magnetic components let you customize your map before making deliveries.

Deliveries Instructions


With the Collage edition, put together a collage of a puzzle. Use the Pair Up web app to find adjacent pairs of puzzle pieces. Play Claim to Fame to control puzzle "territory".

Claim to Fame
Play a fast-paced game with a collage puzzle using your cell phone. Use the web app to display one of more image fragments. Players compete to find random images and mark them. The first person to claim ten images wins the round. Other ways to win: three markers in a line (tic tac toe), four markers in a square.
Play "Claim to Fame" Game
Claim to Fame can be played with any puzzle with distinct puzzle pieces.

Map Games

Cooperatively assemble a map puzzle before using a web app to compete against your family and friends. Use your visual skills to find things missing from maps or compete to be first to find detailed map locations. Many vintage puzzle maps are available. Enquire about your town or region.

Use the What's Missing web app on your cell phone to play solo or competitively. The app works with any decorated or illustrated map, especially vintage maps.

What's Missing

With the Muskoka map at your cottage, your kids will learn about the area as they search the map for clues.

The World Wonders game is found at Puzzler's Quest.

Library Book Puzzles

Cooperatively assemble one of the library book shelf puzzles. Search for words hidden in plain sight with the "Lost for Words" app on your cell phone. Play solo or competitively.

Play the Lost for Words game.

Lost for Words is a deduction game that uses a process of elimination for you to find a mystery word. You will be asked to find a specific set of books. Within range of the books, you'll have to find the secret word using a variety of clues.

Pair Up Game

The Pair Up game is a fast-paced web app where you find adjacent items.

Each person must use their own cell phone to keep score.

The first person with the highest score after an agreed upon time limit will be the winner.


Play the Pair Up game.


What's Missing Game

In the What's Missing game, you compare images on your cell phone with your actual puzzle. There will be a slight difference to watch for. Works only with puzzles containing text, like the Muskoka and Hollywood map puzzles and the library puzzles.

Each person must use their own cell phone to keep score.

Play until a certain time limit has expired and see who the winner is.

Play the What's Missing Game game.


Kids cooperatively assemble a puzzle of animals. Play "Escape from the Zoo" with your cell phone.

Escape from the Zoo

Play Escape from the Zoo

With the What's Missing game, images of books appear. You have to find the spot in your puzzle to determine the missing word. Play solo or competitively.

Cool School Critters

Kids cooperatively assemble a puzzle of cool, cute and funny animals at school. Play "Cute Critter Collector" with your cell phone or computer.

Cool School Critter Collector

Play Cool School Critter Collector

Art Gallery

Kids cooperatively assemble a puzzle of paintings. Play "Paint By Numbers" with your cell phone.

Paint By Numbers

Play a math game using the years associated with each painting in the puzzle.

Play Paint By Numbers

Movie Posters

Cooperatively assemble a puzzle of movie posters. Play "Movie Match" or "Mad About Movies" with your cell phone.

Movie Madness

Play a game to decode movie posters. Race to find the most movie posters by matching snippets to words.
Play Movie Match or Mad About Movies

Framed Words

Cooperatively assemble a frame of words and fill it with words. Connect polyominoes into words. Score as you connect or play with friends just for fun. You can play solo or competitively.

Frame of Mind is a Scrabble-like word game using polyomino tiles. Tiles contain single, double and triple letters. No app required. Build a frame, then connect tiles into words.

Frame of Mind Instructions